About Us

Mission Statement

We strive to uphold our company motto by taking pride in Housing Our Many Extraordinary Soldiers (H.O.M.E.S.), giving our veterans hope and a new light. We are a group of dedicated veterans and professionals who provide permanent, note-free housing and additional services to veterans that are in dire need but who have served our country proudly.


Mission: H.O.M.E.S. is a veteran services facility located at the Union Memorial Enrichment Center. We aid veterans with tools to help improve their life as we work hard to do our part in bringing the population of veterans who are without homes down to functional zero by not only offering them comfortable, fully furnished transitional housing, but ultimately providing them with permanent and note-free homes. Mission: H.O.M.E.S. want our veterans to hold their heads high, and as long as we exist, they will always be able to do so, as we will always work tirelessly to ensure that they will never be forgotten.

Additional Assistance

Mission: H.O.M.E.S. will provide free, professional assistance to veterans and their families in obtaining benefits and compensation earned through military service provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs and other agencies of government.  We will provide outreach concerning our much-needed relief to the people of the St. Louis metropolitan area, and specifically, to veterans and their families. Mission: H.O.M.E.S. will provide a structure through which disabled/non-disabled veterans can express their compassion for their fellow veterans through a variety of programs.

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